Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Purebred Peruvian Paso Gelding, Age: 16

Veterinarian: Lisa Gift Krauter, DVM
Clinical: DSLD symptoms and ultrasound in the legs

Pathologist: Jaroslava Halper, MD, PhD
Necropsy report:

Pathological findings and opinion: All three (1 front and 2 rear) legs showed changes consistent with DSLD in all submitted tendons (superficial and deep digital flexor tendons, suspensory ligaments), more in distal (lower) parts. In addition, the nuchal ligament showed similar changes. The aorta appeared normal. The lung revealed the presence of small calcified granulomas, likely due to an allergic reaction or a parasitic infection, though no organisms were identified in the lesions. No organisms identified in lesions using special stains.
VideoSymptoms of irregular gait, landing toe first, hind end tucked under, extreme flex of pasterns in motion.

Full body shot.  Note stance.
Close up of legs showing swelling of
fetlock, lumps, enlarged suspensory.

Necropsy Photos

Owner Notes:
I owned this guy since Oct 02 so I have a pretty good history including pictures that I took of his leg (inadvertently) since Oct/Nov '03 as I became involved with barefoot at that time.  Just as far as basics go.
Spring of '05 I noticed he became very clear that he didn't want me to trim his feet. Time was limited and he would turn and look at me with both eye's as if to say "Please, not today."  He also became more and more tender on the rocks (barefoot).
He also seemed off on his right hind after our trail ride in June of '05 but recovered within a week.
It seemed harder this last year to keep weight on him. I had his
teeth checked in Fall of '04 but the vet said they were fine. Wait till next year.
Gomero had some work done in Fall of '03.  I rode him on many BCHW rides over the Summer. Long rides up in the Mountains.  He fared well till Aug '05 when I took him to Ocean Shores for 4 days (Pacific Beaches).  Some-thing was clearly wrong. His canter was very choppy like his feet hurt (on sand?) He was resting his right hind a lot the day we packed up and left.
I brought him home and the next morning he was hurting pretty bad with a pronounced toe than heel first landing on all fours. At this time I did give him Bute.  The second day he was worse, he had been sleeping (standing) and as he came up to be fed it was so clear to me what was wrong that further diagnosis for me seemed to be a wasted expense.  It was very clear.. One foot, two foot, three foot, four foot. He was using much effort to get those legs to cooperate. And especially at first so gingerly placed each toe down first than slowly to heel on all fours as he walked.
By the end of one week he was moving much better. After two weeks it was harder to see the problem.  It was Mid Aug '05 and if you watch real close on the video clip, he is ever so slightly landing toe first on all fours. From that time on he was always resting his right hind though really didn't seem to limp too bad.

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