Sunday, July 10, 2011

Examination: Diagnosis of DSLD-ESPA

  1. Flex test of fetlock joint. DSLD/ESPA horses will fail in two or more legs.
  2. Palpation:  Pain response especially in the suspensory branches and fetlock area. Suspensory may be enlarged. May feel very taut while weight bearing and soft /mushy when not weight bearing.
  3. Ultrasound:  Follow Dr Mero's Diagnostic Protocol.  Also useful is Dr Mero's exam form for SL measurements.
  4. Tissue diagnosis is available from UGA at necropsy. Tissue samples may include tendon ligament bundle of lower leg, one leg affected and one that looks nonaffected. The aortic arch, eye, liver, lungs and skin.
The amount of harvested tissue can include all tissues or just the legs, depending on the amount of diagnostic information requested by the owner.

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