Saturday, August 6, 2011

Differences Between Injury and DSLD-ESPA

The differences between injury and DSLD are:
1. Injury usually not bilateral, certainly not quadrilateral

2. If there is fetlock dropping, it occurs at the time of the injury, not as a late development

3. Injuries heal by a combination of tendon regeneration and scar tissue. While ultrasound appearance during an acute DSLD flare may improve somewhat as that settles down, they do not heal.

4. The enlargement seen in healed injured tendons and ligaments is from scar tissue and does not increase over time. It usually decreases. With DSLD, enlargement is progressive over time.

5. There is usually no obvious precipitating event with DSLD, such as racing or pasture accident. With injury there always is.

--Eleanor Kellon, VMD